Why The World Needs Your Book

I have had the luxury of meeting and learning from many of the world’s greatest minds.

Ok, so that statement may not be completely true…at least not in the literal sense.

Actually, I have had the chance to be taught money mindset and management skills by the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, I’ve learned life altering leadership principles by John Maxwell, been challenged to see deeper than the surface by Malcolm Gladwell, travelled through time with Andy Andrews, I’ve been introduced to my purpose by Myles Munroe, I’ve learned how to better love my wife thanks to the genius of Gary Chapman and John Gottman, I’ve gained better clarity on marketing techniques thanks to Gary Vaynerchuck, been introduced to the Rainmaker because of John Grisham, met God in a shack because of William P. Young along with hundreds more lessons and adventures…all because of the books that they have written.

So no, I have never met any of these great minds in person but yes I have had the luxury and privilege of learning from them through reading their books.

I personally own hundreds and hundreds of books and most of them has had a life altering impact on the way that I think. In many ways, I owe where I am at this stage in my life to many of the books that I have read from the authors that I mentioned above.

Another way of saying this is; I wouldn’t be who I am today without many of those books.

In a sense, my life needed those books.

Even with the knowledge that I have gained by the books that I have read…I know that there are still crucial nuggets of knowledge that I lack, areas of ignorance that I have yet to discover.

And you know what, your book just might be the solution to this often evasive problem. Your book, and the knowledge that you have could just be the answer to the question that I have yet to discover a response for.

Come to think about it, I know this is the case. I know that with your knowledge, I can ascend to heights that I would never be able to get to on my own. With your book I can fully be who I am supposed to be.

So, that’s why I NEED your book. I need to flip through the pages, be inspired by the printed words on the sheets of paper housed between the beautifully designed covers.

But, I am not the only one. There are thousands and thousands of other individuals who are handicapped by their problems because the only solution will be in your book. 

So, don’t let us down. Write and publish that book. Pay it forward.

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