About Us

A very, very brief history!

It all started with this book...

Published in 2014

Way back in 2014 I published my wife’s first book. I did not have a clue as to what I was doing. All I knew was that I didn’t want to go the traditional publishing route. We both wanted to independently publish her book so that we could maintain creative control and make as much money as possible from her book. We weren’t prepared for what would come next. To put it briefly, her book very quickly became a bestseller on Amazon and at it's height was selling roughly $300-$500 a day. Yes, you read that correctly! Because her book was perfectly suited for a niche audience, thousands upon thousands of individuals from all over the world began buying her book.

The aftermath...

from 2014 and beyond

Because of some very strategic things that we did with her book, we grew an audience of thousands of customers who also were very desperate for more solutions that the book didn't provide. That's when we created a coaching business to cater to their specific needs. As a result of the books success and the growing coaching business, we officially retired my wife from her full time job. From then, I wrote my first bestselling book, we continued to refine our coaching services and we have since authored and published more books to provide even more solutions for those who we provide coaching to. Not only that but we've produced a top ranking podcast, a couples fitness DVD, an online university for marriage enhancement and many more resources. And to think...all this came from writing and self-publishing one book that catered to the specific needs of a specific audience.

But that's not all...

The ``Write Blueprint``

The larger our brand grew, the more people began reaching out to me for reasons other than to receive our coaching services. These individuals were actually interested in knowing how we were able to write and publish our books in such a professional and successful manner. After multiple inquiries I decided to test run an idea where I would hand pick a small group of aspiring authors and guide them through the book publishing process from conception of their book idea all the way to successfully self-publishing their books. Along the way I would provide them with professional editing, cover design, web design and even marketing to help them replicate what I was able to do with our books. Thus the beta version of Author Blueprint was born...but it was called The Write Blueprint.

The Finished Product!

Author Blueprint

The Write Blueprint beta program allowed me to extremely refine the publishing process that had already been a success for our books...but now this process was catered to aspiring authors starting from scratch. After this beta programs success, I felt it was time to expand this service into an actual product that any aspiring author could benefit from. After a few more tweaks and more successful book launches, Author Blueprint was born. This exclusive service is for aspiring authors who want to finally get their book out of their head and into the hands of those that need it the most. This service is for those looking to change the world through self-publishing, marketing and selling their books. And I'm here to go on that journey with you so that you in fact do it the right way. Click the button below if this is for you.

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